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Web Hosting

We offer the best of services in Web Hosting with guaranteed data integrity and reliability.

Windows Hosting

We provide windows hosting services plan that gives you all the features, tools and resources necessary to launch a web site, attract a new audience of potential customers and take your business to the next level of success and to maximize business profits.

We offer site management, customer support, detailed web site stats, web master, auto responders, pop mail access and e-mail support.


Web hosting
Compare Hosting Plans
Features Economy Plan Deluxe Plan Premium Plan
First time setup Free Free Free
Min. Purchase 1yr 1yr 1yr
Disk space 1 GB 3 GB 5 GB
Data Transfer 5 GB 10 GB 250 GB
DNS Management Y Y Y
Access w/o “www.” Y Y Y
MySQL 1 1 2
Language Support
Server Side Y Y Y
Frontpage Ext. Y Y Y
Perl Y Y Y
E-mail Account 5 10 25
TOTAL PRICE 920.00 Birr/yr 1250.00 Birr/yr 2200.00 Birr/yr

To access your hosted files go to:

URL : ftp://yourdomain.com
User Name :
Password :

- To transfer files from your computer to the server just copy the file and paste it the ftp://yourdomain.com space

- To delete files from the server open ftp://yourdomain.com and select the file you want to delete

To access your Email addresses go to:
URL : email.yourdomain.com

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